Live Work and Services

  • Live work is an integral part of the instructional process to assist students in achieving competency in their Career Program area and to provide students with hands-on experience.

    All work is done by students under the direct supervision of classroom instructors for the purpose of applying or enhancing learned skills.

    NEWTech progams are not businesses. Projects completed by students may take longer than those done in for-profit business settings. No matter what type of “live work” project you select, our goal is to provide high-quality, low-cost services by students who take pride in a job well done.

    Customers utilizing any NEWTech Live Work or Service must agree agree to hold NEWTech Skill Center, and Spokane Public Schools, its students, agents, and employees free and harmless from all liability resulting from services performed/provided.

    All payment for Live Work/Services must be recieved in our Business Office. NEWTech instructors and students may not accept payment for Live Work/Services. Buisness Manager Lisa Gonzalez can be reached at 509.354.7410 or at