Hybrid Plan


  • Health Check Families must complete the SPS Student Health Check for each of their student(s) at least 30 minutes before their student(s) arrive at school. Find the Student Health check here.  


    Face Mask Students must wear an approved mask at all times throughout the day. Masks must be worn properly covering the nose and mouth. YOUR GUIDE TO MASKS

    Social Distancing Students must maintain proper social distancing throughout the day by remaining 6 feet apart from other students in class, in the halls, and throughout the building. 

    Charge Laptop Knowing the school issued laptops will be utilized in class on in-person learning days, students are asked to charge their laptop the night before their designated in-person school days to ensure they have a full charge as they begin their day. Limited charging will be available throughout the day in each classroom. 



  • The building will open at 7:45am each day. Each class will enter at their own door (see picture below).

    • Freshman (9th): Main Entrance to Commons
    • Sophomores (10th): Southwest Entrance by Woodshop
    • Juniors (11th): North Entrance off of Wellesley
    • Seniors (12th): Main Office Entrance

    Students who have completed their health check will report to their designated door above where:

    • An RHS staff member will verify health check has been completed and that the student is cleared to enter the building.
    • Breakfast will be available as a "grab and go" bag which is FREE for ALL students. 
      Breakfast available to ALL students

    Students who have not completed their health check will report to the Southeast entrance by the Wrestling Room where:

    • RHS Staff Member/Nurse will complete Student Health check.
    • Student will have his/her temperature taken.

    If a student does not meet the entrance criteria via their Health Check:

    • Parent/family will be called for pick-up.
    • Student will be isolated in the Wrestling Room and monitored by designated RHS staff member until parent/guardian can pick up the student.


    Student Entry Locations


  • Classroom Cleaning

    • Students will be seated 6 feet apart as indicated by markers placed on floor of each classroom.
    • For each class, students will be issued an assigned seat on their first day of in person learning. Students will be asked to sit in their assigned seat each day to ensure the safety of other students and ability to contact trace if necessary. 
    • As students enter and exit their classrooms, students are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available in each classroom throughout RHS. 
    • At the end of each class period, teachers will use the designated disinfectant spray to spray off desks.
    • This spray is a mist and walk away product that drys in 5 minutes and leaves no residue. 
    • If necessary, students can utilize a paper towel to dry off their desk. 


  •                                                                       Restroom Hallway

    • In the hallways, students will follow directional arrows on the floor which are designed to keep students and staff safe and spaced out as they travel through the building.
    • Some hallways will be two directions, with all students traveling forward on the right-hand side of the hallway like a two-way street.
    • Other hallways will be one directional like one-way streets.
    • For student and staff safety, students will be expected to move from one class to the next in a socially distanced fashion, without gathering and talking to friends.
    • Restrooms throughout the school will be open for student use.
    • Students may access restrooms throughout the day, however only one student is allowed in the restroom at a time, thus students may need to wait outside to maintain appropriate social distancing.


  • Lunch is Available for All Students

    • Lunch is available FREE to ALL students
    • When students are scheduled to go to lunch (see schedule below), they will walk to the cafeteria and get in one of 3 lines set up to distribute food. 
    • Each of the 3 lunch lines will include all 3 meal options for students to select from.
    • Once students receive their meal, they will be directed to go to their assigned seat where they can eat your lunch and relax.
    • During lunch, students will be expected to remain in their assigned seat except to throw away their food or use the restroom.
    • Students will be directed to select a permanent seat for the remainder of the year during their designated lunch on the first day of in-person learning. Students will be asked to sit in their assigned seat each day for the rest of the year to ensure student safety and allow for appropriate contact tracing if necessary. 
    • Seniors (12th) will select from seats in the gym
    • Grades 9-11 will select from seats in the commons.
    • Hybrid Lunch Schedule by Teacher/Classroom


    Hybrid Lunch Schedule by Teacher/Classroom


  • Exit Protocol

    • At the conclusion of 6th period, students will leave the building using the exit nearest their 6th period class.
    • Students will be allotted 5 minutes to exit the building at the end of the day. To ensure student and staff safety, as well as time for appropriate cleaning, students will not be able to remain in the building after school unless they are particpating in a sport of are pre-registered for academic tutoring. 
    • Meal kits (breakfast/lunch) for the following day will be available at each location which is used for entrance to the building in the morning. These meal kits will be FREE to ALL students
    • Students participating in athletics will be designated a location to report to where they will be supervised by their coaches.





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