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    Well, it appears that we are continuing to receive green lights for a March 1 transition to hybrid learning. This is exciting news, but we recognize that it is likely creating some anxiety and wonderment for all of you, too. In order to help get your family ready for this brand-new environment, we are offering a variety of ways for you to learn all about it:
    • LC News You Can Use Newsletter: this weekly doc is emailed directly to your inbox each Friday. For the past month, we have been sharing info about hybrid learning at LC. You can check out the links to past issues here: LC New You Can Use Archive
    • LCTV broadcasts: these news programs are aired during our first day of the week advisories. We are providing links here to two recent broadcasts wherein we shared info about the transition to hybrid with students: LCTV on YouTube
    • This letter! We are sharing a TON of info about our move to hybrid right in this very correspondence. Please keep reading for all kinds of great info.
    • Family webinar provided by SPS: Watch the recording
    • Family webinar provided by LCHS on Thursday, February 25 - watch here
    • Emails and calls to counselors and administrators here at LC are answered to the best of our ability as soon as we can get the intel you request. Keep ‘em coming!
    We definitely want to make sure that you are feeling prepared and supported as we enter this next phase of Tigers ’21 – Learning and Living with Covid Protocols. So, let’s dive in!
    Q: What is “hybrid” learning?
    A: A hybrid learning model is a blend of both in-person and remote learning, used to reduce student populations in schools when health/safety reasons so require. In SPS’s hybrid model, all students have been divided into two groups based on the last number of their address. With only a few exceptions, even numbered home addresses have placed students in the A cohort, and odd numbered home addresses have placed students in the B cohort. (For example, 3704 S. Bernard is an EVEN address and the student living there will be in the A Cohort. 3705 S. Bernard is an ODD address and the student living there will be in the B Cohort.)  A Cohort students attend their classes here at LC on Mondays and Wednesdays; B Cohort students attend their classes here at LC on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The cohorts alternate attending classes here on Fridays. The district has published a cohort attendance calendar for the remainder of the school year so that you can plan accordingly: Hybrid Calendar and Hybrid Bell Schedule

    ⇒ Download the Group A or Group B schedule to your personal calendar.

    In the hybrid model, students will continue learning at home on their non-LC days. (We call those days “asynchronous” days, meaning that learning is not necessarily “synched” to a bell schedule.) Students will learn independently on those asynchronous days, completing tasks and projects provided to them by their regular classroom teachers. The school day begins at 8:00 for in-person learning and ends at 1:55 so that teachers can have time at the end of the day to be available for asynchronous learners.

    Q: May I change my child’s cohort assignment?
    A: Not at present. We are required to follow strict social distance guidelines and to keep class numbers down to the lowest numbers we can. Swapping cohorts will result in overages in class populations. We are asking families who need to swap for emergent reasons – medical treatments, etc. - to send an email to Theresa Meyer at theresam@spokaneschools.org explaining their circumstances. If swaps can be made without throwing off social distance requirements, we will attempt to make them, but moves will be extremely limited.

    Q: How will transportation work?
    A: Just like every other year, you need to register your Tiger as an SPS bus rider. Students can also drive themselves; student parking lot fees remain $5 for the cost of the permit tag and, because we are only needing them for a portion of the school year, parking meter permits will be sold for half-price, $45, in the business office.

    Q: What will my student need to bring to school on their in-school days?
    A: Students will need to bring:
    • Their computers to school each day.
    • They will also need to wear a mask all day, so will want an extra mask handy in case theirs breaks or is soiled.
    • They will need their student ID badge and their phone (if they have one) for speedy entry at the check-in stations each morning.
    • Campus is closed, so they will eat lunch on site. If they prefer to bring lunch from home to eating food served in our cafeterias, they will need to bring their lunches.
    • In order to avoid sharing materials, we are asking students to bring plenty of writing utensils, (pens/pencils/colored pencils) paper, and other typical classroom implements for their courses (rulers/compasses for math, sheet music, etc.)
    • Musical instruments(small will be carried all day, larger will be dropped off in auditorium)
    • A filled water bottle! (Drinking fountains will remain on, but students will likely prefer their own personal source of hydration.)
    • If they want to bring their own hand sanitizer, they may do so, although there will be a good deal of disinfectant on site.

    Q: What are the safety protocols in place at school?
    A: Besides requiring that students wear masks at all times and our hybrid model placing only half of them on site for each in-person instruction day, students will be required to maintain six-foot social distance in classrooms. Watch the video

    We have converted all our halls and stairways into one-directional pathways and will be monitoring students in common areas to ensure they are staying well apart from one another. We are encouraging frequent hand-washing and will have hand sanitizer available throughout the building.  Watch the video

    Classroom desks will be disinfected between each class and high touch areas will be cleaned frequently. Watch the video

    All persons – students and staff – who enter our building will be required to submit a health check each day attesting that they are well enough to be on site and do not have any exposures to Covid to report. At least 30 minutes before the start of school each day, families should complete a student health check. Learn more in this video, or read these instructions.

    Q: What will morning arrival look like? How will you know students have completed the health check?
    A: Students will be required to remain outside of our school building until 7:50 each morning. (Zero-hour students will be allowed into the building at 6:50 and must all use the main (north) doors of the field house.) PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS EARLY AS THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN UNTIL THESE DESIGNATED TIMES. Students must use specific doors for entry. (Freshmen will use the south entrance of the new commons building, sophomores will use the south entrance of the field house, juniors will use the north/main entrance of the field house and seniors will use the main entrance of the main building on Fourth Avenue. DI students will all use the north entrance to the new commons building.)  
    Students must remain six feet apart in lines and will be monitored by adults while awaiting entry. At their entry point, students will be required to show proof of attestation. (See links above for attestation information.) Students who have not completed the attestation before arriving at school will be required to answer the questions on the attestation verbally to the door monitor and submit to a temperature screening there as well before they may enter our building. Students will be shown district- and building-made videos demonstrating strategies for attestation completion before March 1.
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    Q: How will breakfast/lunch work?
    A: Every student for the rest of this year will be able to eat an SPS-provided breakfast and lunch, free of charge on both their in-person days and their at-home days. Grab-and-Go breakfast stations will be at each entry point and students can simply pick up their breakfast and enjoy it in their first period classroom. School lunches can be secured in our new cafeteria – we believe we will be running four lines of choices for student dining. After school, students will be able to pick up a bag with enough breakfast and lunch items inside to tide them over until their next in-person date.

    Q: How will students socially-distance at lunch time?
    A: Again, campus is closed and no student will be allowed to leave the building for lunchtime. We are assigning lunchtime seating to students and are utilizing a two-lunch schedule to reduce cafeteria populations. We are also using additional classroom and common spaces for lunch, all with the same six-foot social distance requirements.
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