NEWTech Mission: We prepare students with skills and knowledge to become productive citizens in a changing world.

  • What is NEWTech?

    NEWTech is a tuition free public education service that provides practical, hands-on career preparation and career guidance to juniors and seniors in high school. 

    NEWTech is one of 14 skill centers in the state of Washington and offers 18 programs designed to provide high school students with the technical skills required for high in-demand jobs. Community-based internships, in local business and industry sites, and college credit are offered in many classes. Every course offers a unit on employment-seeking skills, which includes the job application, resume, and interview preparation.  

    Who can attend NEWTech?

    NEWTech serves juniors and seniors from Central Valley, Cheney, Deer Park, East Valley, Freeman, Mead, Medical Lake, Nine Mile, Riverside, Spokane, and West Valley School Districts as well as home-schooled students and students who attend private schools.

    When do students attend NEWTech?

    Students who enroll in a NEWTech program must commit to a 2.5 hour morning (8:10 a.m. – 10:40 a.m.) or a 2.5 hour afternoon (11:25 a.m. - 1:55 p.m.) shift Monday - Friday. 

    How do students enroll?

    Students must complete and submit a NEWTech enrollment application. 
    The application can be accessed by clicking here.

    How does NEWTech affect a student’s school schedule?

    Daily students attend both schools and spend half a day (3 periods) at each site. A student takes their core classes at their high school and spends the remainder of their day at NEWTech in their NEWTech program. Together this creates a full day schedule.

    How much does it costs to attend NEWTech?

    NEWTech is a tuition free public education service that provides practical, hands-on career preparation and career guidance to juniors and seniors in high school.   There is no cost to attend NEWTech, however, each program has a $50 uniform fee.

    How do students get credits?

    NEWTech classes meet for 2.5 hours per day, so students earn a total of 3 high school credits (1.5 per semester) which are sent to their sending high school to be applied to their transcript.

    What graduation requirements does a NEWTech class meet?

    Each NEWTech class is worth 3.0 Career and Technical Education (CTE) or elective credits.  Many NEWTech programs offer equivalency credit.  Equivalency credit is the awarding of credit, typically math or science, toward a high school academic course required or graduation. Students who earn a passing grade at the end of 1st and 2nd semester in their NEWTech program (s) will automatically earn .5 equivalency credit for each semester they passed. The credit is subject to the student’s home high school counselor’s review and approval. Equivalency credits may not meet 4-year college entrance requirements.

    The Washington State Legislature created eight graduation options for students starting in 2020 and every NEWTech program satisfies the CTE Pathway to Graduation.

    Do students earn college credits at NEWTech?

    Most NEWTech programs offer Tech Prep/College credits through the Community Colleges of Spokane.   Students who successfully complete their NEWTech course with a passing grade are eligible to receive college credits.  A list of available college and equivalency credit, by NEWTech program, is available by clicking here.

    Does NEWTech serve breakfast and lunch?

    Students access breakfast and lunch through the Nutritional Services program available at their sending high schools.  NEWTech does not offer any Nutritional  Services. 

    How do students get to/from NEWTech and their sending high school?

    Many of our consortium member school districts provide bus transportation to/from NEWTech. Students are expected to utilize their district’s transportation and should only drive personal vehicles if transportation is not provided or there are extenuating circumstances.  Bus arrival/departure times are set by the sending school district's transportation department.  A bus schedule will be created and shared with students and guardians.  Here is an example of what a typical NEWTech master bus transportation schedule looks like. 

    If you have any questions regarding bus pick up/departure times or where the bus pickup location is at your child's high school, you are encouraged to contact your child's sending high school or your district's transportation department.