Family Math Card Games


    Now you can play fun math card games with your family using the materials we’ve provided for every student at Browne.  Materials have been provided for all of our Browne students on May 27-28, 2021.

    The games are at all levels and can be enjoyed by your whole family during the summer, weekends, on rainy days, or just to help practice various numeracy and math skills throughout the school year.

    Learn to play 11 games and multiple variations by using the written directions or by watching the short game video recordings all available below.

    Link to Videos and Resources:

    Thank you, Ms. Dashiell and Mrs. Schultheis, for putting these awesome resources and videos together. These math materials have been purchased and provided using our school’s Title 1 math funds as part of our Family Engagement Plan for 2020-21.

    Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions.

    Forehead Math
    Garbage or Recycle
    Get to 100 or Get to 0
    Give Me 10
    Go Fish
    I Spy Sums or I Spy Products
    Make 10 Memory
    Number Battle
    Positive and Negative Add to 6
    Twenty Five