2022-23 Biology

  • Biology

    Class Policies 2022-23

    What this course is all about: 

    Biology is science that affects our lives in many ways.  Our understanding of biology gives us the ability to do amazing things such as cloning.  Biology is very diverse with scientists studying topics ranging from how salmon affect nutrient cycles in the forest to development of new therapies for genetic diseases.  Understanding the living world helps us understand and appreciate our place within it. 

    Our Topics of Study include all Washington state Life Science Standards:

    • Evolution
    • Equilibrium in Living Systems
    • Relationships in Living Systems
    • Reproduction and inheritance in living systems
    • Development, Growth, and Differentiation in Living Systems
    • Ecology

    Ø  Development, Growth, and Differentiation in Living Systems

    Assessment and Grading

     In general, you will be graded on what you understand and what you can do.  Washington State standards are used to measure success.

    Assessment of Standards                                             70%

    Journal work, Labs, Projects                                       30%


    To begin the year in biology you will need a few supplies.

    • 2 composition notebooks
    • #2 pencils (two boxes)
    • Scotch tape (2rolls)
    • 1 box Colored pencils



    Students will use their journals daily and all year!

    • Recording data
    • Taking notes
    • Personal questions and thinking
    • Long term assessments, records, projects, labs, etc!

    Journals will be a resource used to collect evidence that the student has performed tasks necessary to meet state standards. Complete your journal well!

    Behavior Guidelines:

    As a member of this class, I agree to abide by the following guidelines: 

    • I will make good choices
    • I will Solve problems
    • I will treat myself, my colleagues, and my teacher with respect.  RESPECT/RESPECT/RESPECT!

    Enjoying Science

    Science helps us make sense of all the strange happenings in our universe.  I personally love learning about all aspects of science!  I encourage you to observe the details and look for the message in science.  Have a fun year! 


    Contact Information:  Jennifer Miller  (previously Coleman)



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