Wall of Remembrance

  • John R. Rogers High School

    Wall of Remembrance

    The John R. Rogers High School Wall of Remembrance was conceived by a group of advising District 81 on the design for remodeling the existing building, built in 1932, and adding new space for classrooms, gymnasium, and cafeteria.  the proposed courtyard outside the new cafeteria incorporated a brick wall that shielded some utilities and storage space.  The Alumni asked if they could use the wall to engrave names of past alumni.  There were over 3,600 bricks taht made up the 10-foot tall wall.  

    The John R. Rogers Alumni & Friends Foundation in partnership with the J.R.R. Alumni Association started selling the opportunity of having graduates, faculty and other's name engraved on the wall.  Names and year of graduation were placed on the bricks.  Over 2,4000 bricks were initially engraved.  The two associations paid to have lettering and decade numbers made.  The two associations netted over $100,000 that they use to provide college scholarships and support athletic and student activity programs.

    The Wall of Remembrance is updated once a yar with new brick purchases.  The Wall is a lasting testament to ht eloyalty and support of hte thousands of Pirates that have walked the halls.


    Find your brick:  Brick Locator

    Purchase your Brick: http://www.rogershswall.com/buy-a-brick.php


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