Welcome to Hamblen!

  • "Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Hamblen is a great place to attend school. Walk through its doors and you will find teachers, staff, parents, and community members working side by side. Hamblen School boasts more than 500 students, 350 families, and over 70 full or part time employees.

    Hamblen staff are dedicated to providing a school environment that is educationally sound and socially responsible for all students. Using best practices in instruction, highly trained teachers guide students through state-of-the-art curriculum with lessons that are rigorous and relevant. Students take responsibility for their learning while practicing good character and citizenship.

    Parents are the most important educators in a child's life; schools become partners in this venture. Educational success can be achieved through the symbiotic relationship between school and home. Many families ask what they can do to further their child's education. Here are some ideas: 


    When a child is ill, keep him/her home. Please book vacations during holiday periods. We want everyone here, every day.

    School Involvement

    There are many ways to be active in your child's school. Be a part of the Hamblen PTG (Parent Teacher Group). Volunteer to help during the school day or after school or invite retirees to be part of our Tutoring Learning Center.

    Continue the Learning at Home

    Limiting television viewing has numerous benefits. Children who go outside to play instead of watching television have less illnesses, diabetes and obesity. Children who read and have conversations with adults do better in school. Violence and bad language on the television confuse our youngsters.

    Thank you for sending your students to Hamblen. My door is always open. Please stop by to say hello.

    Stefanie Heinen