Welcome to Mullan Road!

  • Our Mission

    The Mullan Road School Community recognizes that all children have the ability to learn. We strive to prepare our students to be academically successful and socially responsible citizens who creatively meet the challenges of the future. We see the purpose of our elementary school as developing a love for learning that will serve as a foundation for our students for the remainder of their lives.

    • Education is a shared responsibility among school, family, and community.
    • Everyone has dignity and will be treated with respect.
    • Differences in individual needs and learning styles exist and will be met with varied educational approaches.
    • High expectations will be the standard used to challenge individuals to high levels of personal achievement.
    • A physically safe, peaceful, and nurturing environment is essential to students’ learning.
    • All individuals will be accountable for their learning and actions.
    • Diversity of gender, ability, culture, and background will be respected.
    • Teaching and learning will be meaningful and applicable to real life situations.
    • Public education is the foundation of our democratic society.
  • Note from Principal

     Dear Mullan Road Families: 

    My name is Matt Beal, and I am the principal of Mullan Road Elementary. I want to take a moment to introduce myself to you. I was born into a family of elementary educators. My mom, dad, sister, and wife Stephanie have all been elementary teachers.  Between their collective experiences I have K-6 grades, special education, music, and art knowledge to draw from (in addition to my own educational experiences).  Stephanie and I have a eight-year-old son, Marcus and five-year-old, Curtis, who may even choose to go into the profession someday as well.   


    After two master’s degrees from Whitworth University and two professional certifications, ten years of teaching at the intermediate and primary levels, and thirteen years as an elementary administrator I received the honor of the Washington States’ Northeast Regional Principal of The Year. I feel honored to be the principal of Mullan Road and hope to continue serve the Mullan Road community for many years. Throughout my leadership experiences, I have realized that the best leaders never lose sight of the potential in others.  They believe in the brilliance and ability of everyone.  When students achieve success in school, they begin to internalize the idea that they can achieve success in other aspects of their lives as well.  I believe that the education of children requires a collaborative effort teacher, students, parents, support staff, and administrators.  All these people must work together for students to attain success.  


    I am very excited to get to know you and your child better, and I look forward to all we will accomplish together. I know how important it is to feel assured that your child is getting a quality education in a safe environment from passionate teachers and staff.  I am impressed by the professional, dedicated, and caring staff at Mullan Road.





    Matt Beal