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  • Glover Middle School is a nurturing and joyful community where embracing opportunity and challenge fosters the development of academic and social skill sets necessary for all students to be hopeful and inspired citizens

    Glover students are the fastest growing students around.

    Glover's Core Values

    G: Growth Mindset - We approach our work with a growth mindset. We believe that any skill can be developed and built. We embrace and seek challenges. We act with grit and use every situation as an opportunity to move toward our goals.

    L: Leadership - We are a community of leaders. Every individual is unique and has talents that provide the opportunity to lead in different situations. Leaders take initiative, support peers and model the best of the Glover Core Values.

    O: Optimism - We are optimistic and full of hope. We remain positive, regardless of the situation, and stay committed to our vision. We are full of hope for our own future and for that of our larger community.

    V: Virtuous - We consistently act in a virtuous manner and go out of our way to do what is right. Good citizenship is the foundation of a strong community. We take responsibility for our own actions and treat others in a manner that is caring, polite and respectful.

    E: Excellence - We believe in excellence in all that we do. We take pride in our work, no matter how small or large the task. We aspire to be recognized for our merit and achievement as we represent our community with honor and dignity. 

    R: Resilience - We are resilient and never give up. There is no obstacle too large to deter us from meeting our goals. We are strong and spirited. Mistakes are not a failure, but instead are the start of opportunities for learning and development. 

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