Our School

  • Our Vision/Mission

    We of Salk Middle School, a community of students, parents, educators, business people, and citizens, believe in the dignity and worth of each individual and his/her ability to learn.  The mission of Salk Middle School is, therefore, to promote and support an environment that fosters integrity, requires commitment, and nurtures individuals to be socially responsible and academically accountable.

    Salk Middle School Goals:

    • Work ethically and cooperatively to provide a positive learning environment.
    • Promote academic, social, and emotional growth.
    • Support and promote open communication and high achievement.
    • Inspire an attitude and disposition of respect and integrity for self, for others and for community.
    • Foster an attitude of responsibility and an understanding and acceptance of personal choice and consequences.
    • Promote a strong work ethic and excellence in creative and academic achievement through both collaborative and self-directed efforts.
    • Ensure a safe, supportive learning environment in which Salk Community members demonstrate cooperation, courtesy, and integrity.
    • Inspire service and life-long learning.