Welcome to Shaw!

  • Shaw Families,

    We are a proud Title I School. This is a federal designation that provides our school additional resources to improve student learning. We use our Title I funds to hire additional instructional staff, provide professional development opportunities for staff, purchase additional instructional materials, and engage the family community in events. We will be planning virtual family events in the future. Please view our Shaw website for more information.

    At Shaw, we invite you to continue to find ways to partner with us in your student’s education. One way to partner with us is to provide input on our Title I Parent Engagement Plan, our Title I Compact, and our School Improvement Plan which have been emailed out to families and placed on the Shaw website home page. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you, families, for supporting your students at Shaw Middle School.


    Our Vision

    • Create and maintain a respectful, responsible, and safe learning environment for students and staff.
    • Promote students to high school with hope and courage for their future through extraordinary academic and social preparation. 
    • Staff feel energized by the success of our students and the support of our colleagues.

    Our Commitment

    To build a culture of high expectations for each other, our students, and our community through extraordinary engagement, relationships, and communication.

    Our Mission

    Prepare all Shaw students for academic and social success in high school and beyond as they pursue certifications and degrees through continuing education while on the job, in the military, or enrolled in technical schools, two-year colleges, or four year universities.

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