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  • John R. Rogers continues to be a model of improvement. Our goal is to prepare all students for post-secondary education by helping them graduate with a college-ready transcript. Students who graduate with a college-ready transcript have the necessary classes to be accepted into 4-year universities. In order to meet our goal of “all” students, we continue to seek ways to enlist more parent/guardian collaboration and encourage our students to be committed to their academic success. And, we believe success comes when we are able to work effectively with families and the greater community to support our students.

    Rogers' staff is dedicated to creating a learning environment that is personalized and built on relationships. We focus on a common instructional framework in every classroom that provides students with a structure of learning, as well as a literacy-rich classroom for all students.

    Our crest states “Familia Sumus,” meaning “We are Family.” 


    Rogers High School qualifies as a Title I high school and receives funding to provide additional instructional services and activities which support students identified as failing or at risk of failing in math, reading, or writing. Specifically, these resources provide grade level supports, instructional coaching, and Math and English teachers for individualized tutoring. They also allow us to provide a nightly Homework Center and supports throughout the day to students. A significant portion also goes for credit recovery through our summer school and some after school opportunities. We believe that the best teaching provides the best learning for students, so we also use Title funding to provide staff with professional development opportunities throughout the year. We are grateful for the resources Title I gives our school to best meet the needs of our students and for their success.




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