• Stay active and look for upcoming events in your school newsletter or check with the office for more information.

  • Registration instructions

    1. Click the FamilyID link 
    2. Open an account using a valid email and password of your choice
    3. Within minutes, you will be sent a link to begin registration
    4. After selecting your program and completing registration - CONFIRM REGISTRATION
    5. You will see a confirmation page and you are IN!!

    NOTE: The first time you register, it is recommended that you use a computer. After that, registrations can easily be done on your phone. If needed, paper packets are still available in the school office.


  • The alternative Fall Sport season is scheduled to start March 1, 2021.


  • Winter sports are scheduled to start December 28, 2020.


  • Spring sports are scheduled to start April 26, 2021.

Student holding large LC flag at the Rubber Chicken spirit game.