Free 5-Day Meal Kits

  • Free for all children 18 and younger not attending school in person.

  • Fresh. Nutritious. Convenient!

    lunch What5 breakfasts and 5 lunches, ready to go! 

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    :  All children 18 and younger not attending in-school learning. Students attending school in person can get free meals at school and should NOT access the 5-day meal kits.

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    : Pick up a kit Mondays from 1-1:45 p.m. at Chase, Garry, Glover, Sacajawea, Salk, Shaw, Ferris, LC, NC, Rogers & Shadle. 

     Free! USDA has extended the Free Summer Meals Program through the end of the 2020-21 school year. Families: Remember to turn in your free & reduced-price meals application to help ensure district funding as well as your qualification for benefits and the meal program once the extention ends.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student who is attending daily or hybrid (A/B) rotation get a 5-day meal kit?

No. Students who are attending school daily or in the hybrid M/W and T/Th school schedule will get free school meals at school. Students who are attending Spokane Virtual Academy or who are not attending school at all (IE: home schoolers or pre-schoolers) can get the 5-day meal kit. If you have questions about meals, please call 354-7270.

How do students in hybrid learning get meals?

Students in hybrid learning will receive a free breakfast and lunch in school, and will also be offered a free Grab & Go meal bag at the end of the school day for the days they are in distance (virtual) learning. 

What's in a meal kit?

Meal kits include five complete breakfasts and lunches, along with heating instructions for items that are best enjoyed hot. You will see many familiar items, including:

  • whole grain cereal and Benefit Bars, 100% beef burgers, whole-muscle chicken, whole grain foods, fresh vegetables, and a variety of fresh and cupped fruits.  
  • a choice of 1% white milk by the half gallon, or half-pints of fat-free chocolate milk.

How do I get meals if my child is attending Day Camp or Express childcare?

Students attending SPS Day Camp or Express childcare can get FREE breakfast and lunch at school.  

*Note that students participating in school meals at school should not access the 5-day meal kits.

Who is eligible for meal kits?

Children 18 and younger who are NOT attending in-school learning are eligible for the 5-day meal kit. That means home schoolers, students who are doing online learning, and children who do not attend school are all eligible to pick up a meal kit!

Can SPS students enrolled in programs like STEP and Images who are over 18 receive free meal kits or meals? 

 Yes. SPS students who are 21 or younger and enrolled in special education programs may participate in the meal kit program.

Where can I pick up a 5-day meal kit for my child?

Meal kits are available at SPS middle and high schools.

Can a parent pick up meals for their child?

Yes, parents can pick up meals for students without the students being present. Parents/guardians will need to provide the name(s) of the children they are picking up meals for.

Can I pick up meals for all my children at one school site?

Yes, parents can pick up meals at one location for all children 18 and younger NOT attending in-school learning.

If one of my children is in school and the other child is distance learning, can my child not attending school still get a 5-day meal kit?


Can a student pick up meals without their parent?

Yes, students can pick up a 5-day meal kit at their school. Note that the 5-day meal kit includes a box of nutritious menu items and up to 2 half pints of non-fat chocolate milk.

How do I pay for school meals?

The USDA extended the Free Summer Meals Program through the end of the 2020-21 school year, so meals are free for all children 18 and younger.

Can my student get a special diet option like dairy free or gluten free?

At this time, production demands allow us only to provide a choice of traditional or vegetarian meal kit. However, meal kits do not contain any peanut products, and milk substitutions of soy or lactose-free are available.

Do I need a Digestive Disorder Health Care Plan on file to make a milk substitution?

  No. We offer either soy milk or lactose-free milk when requested.

Is there a vegetarian option?

Yes! Meal kits are available in traditional or vegetarian options.

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  • Can't pick up a meal?

    Please contact your home school or Nutrition Services at 354.7270.