2024 Spokane Public Schools Bond Planning

Madison Elementary
  • The Spokane Public Schools Board of Directors is considering two options for a February 2024 school bond put before voters to ensure our schools remain safe, modern and ready for growth. 

    Both options are for a $200 million bond, significantly less than the $500 million bond passed by voters in 2018. Given increased assessed property values, SPS is developing a bond that will minimize the impact on property taxes for schools.

    Both options continue the district's approach to modernizing or replacing a few old schools while making smaller improvements to keep all schools well maintained and updated with the latest security and technology.

    The two options contain similarities, but there are some differences in the major projects.

    Both options include these projects:

    • Adams Elementary Replacement
    • Madison Elementary Replacement
    • Design for Indian Trail Elementary Replacement
    • Garry Middle School Modernization and Addition
    • Chase Middle School Upgrades for Grades 6-8
    • Montessori Upgrades for K-8
    • Libby Center Upgrades for Option Program Needs
    • Smaller facility improvement projects, security, and technology upgrades at all schools

    Here are the differences in major projects included in each option:

    Option 1                                                                            

    • Balboa - design (only)                                           
    • The Community School – Phase 1 addition            
    • North Central High School - Modernization of oldest/outdated section of school

    Option 2

    • Balboa – Design and new gym/cafeteria
    • The Community School – New building
    • Design (only) for North Central High School

    The Spokane Public Schools Board of Directors is expected to finalize the 2024 bond this fall.