Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to work every day?

Substitute work offers the flexibility to manage your own schedule! We encourage substitutes to work as often as jobs are available. However, we understand the need to build in non-work days.

Do I have flexibility in my substitute assignments?

Spokane Public Schools has 35 elementary schools, six middle schools, six high schools and a growing number of options programs. This provides diversity and flexibility in your sub assignments. The placement systems allows substitutes to manage their preferred schools or work sites.

What is the rate of pay for certificated substitutes?

Regular Education:

  • Half day (3.25 hours) - $66
  • Full day (6.5 hours) - $132

Special Education:

  • Half day (3.25 hours) - $71
  • Full day (6.5 hours) - $142

What is the rate of pay for Educational Support (classified) substitutes?

Paraeducators begin at $12.629. 
Secretarial/Clerical begins at $14.30.

When are substitutes paid?

Substitutes are paid on the last school day of each month for any work they completed between the 11th of the previous month and the 10th of the current month.  For example, April’s paycheck will reflect work done March 11 through April 10.

Are benefits available for substitutes?

A basic benefit package will be available to substitutes who meet the qualifications under the Affordable Care Act.

What is required to become a substitute?

  1. SPS online application (includes resume and confidential letters of recommendation)
  2. Washington State Teaching Certificate/Permit 
  3. Successfully passing a background check (includes fingerprinting) and a background disclosure
  4. Current reference check

I am a retired certificated teacher. How do I apply to become a substitute?

You will need to complete our online application for the substitute position you are interested in being considered for. Please indicate that you were a former SPS employee in the questions section of the application.