Boundary Change Information

  • With the addition of three new middle schools, school boundaries will need to be adjusted following the guidelines developed by a Boundary Study Committee and approved by the school board in the spring of 2018. We expect to hold several community meetings to gather input during the study process.


    • Fall 2019: Form and initiate school attendance boundary committee (parents and staff)


    • March 20: meeting with School Board to discuss the timeline and selection process for members of the Boundary Implementation Study Committee.
    • December 2020: School boundary changes adopted, including grandfathering considerations


    An Attendance Boundary Study Committee developed these guidelines to direct the efforts of district staff when attendance boundary changes are required by new school construction, school modernization or district growth and capacity challenges.

    • Communication & Process
      The implementation of the attendance boundary changes should be undertaken with high levels of communication and transparent processes to achieve the following outcomes.
      • Prioritize community engagement
      • Ensure a consistent and transparent process for parents and community members
      • Continue regular communication with the city and county planning departments
    • Diversity
      The district should consider cultural and socio-economic diversity within schools through attendance boundaries as well as program offerings.
    • Grandfathering
      (allowing students to finish prior enrollment pattern)
      Incorporate grandfathering as needed to transition students into neighborhood schools as attendance boundary changes are implemented.
    • Neighborhoods
      The district should continue its strong commitment to recognizing and supporting neighborhood communities by developing attendance boundaries that realize the following outcomes.
      • Support walkability and shorter drive/travel times
      • Recognize natural and artificial boundaries
      • Keep neighborhood cohorts together
    • School Quality
      Regardless of location and attendance boundaries, each school in the district should be a high-quality school offering attractive programming and supporting high student achievement.
    • Transportation
      Attendance boundary changes should focus on keeping transportation costs as low as possible.
partial map of SPS