BrightArrow Notifications

  • BrightArrow is an automated mass communication system that Spokane Public Schools uses to quickly share information with all parents and guardians via phone, email, and/or text message. The system is used to notify parents and guardians about events and activities at their student's school, emergencies and snow closure days, and other important information.

    Instructions for accessing the notification system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I didn't hear the automated message?

If you are still on the phone, you can trigger the message playback to restart by pressing the star (*) key at any time.
Alternatively, you can log in to your online BrightArrow portal, where you have the option to review the automated phone, email, and text messages you have previously received.

How can I change the phone number or email address where I receive your automated messages?

Please call your school's office and have them update your records. If you have students at multiple schools, you will need to update your information with each school.

Can multiple people in my household receive your automated phone calls?

Not at this time. The system is designed to try calling the first number on your record, and once it's able to reach a live person or a voicemail, it does not try any of the remaining numbers. If you would like all calls to go to one of your other phone numbers, you can use the online Portal and uncheck the Voice Calls box next to each number above the number where you’d like to receive our calls.

Can I receive text messages or emails instead of voice calls?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Most of our communication is delivered as a voice calls, and the system is not able to convert them into another format. If you were to uncheck voice calls from all of the phone numbers listed in your Portal account, you would miss many of our messages.

How can I opt out of these messages? Is it possible to receive only emergency messages?

  • You can opt out of voice messages by calling 509-473-0880.
  • You can opt out of text messages by texting STOP to 424-247-5898.
  • You can opt out of emails by emailing

It is possible to receive only emergency messages. To enable this, please log in to our BrightArrow Portal. At the bottom of the screen, there is an option to receive all messages, or to receive only emergency messages:

emergency only screen

Be sure to click the "Apply" button when you're done.

I accidentally opted out of calls or texts. How can I opt back in?

  • You can opt back in to voice messages by calling us at 509-354-5900.
  • You can opt back in to text messages by texting START to 424-247-5898.
  • You can opt back in to emails by emailing