NCHS principal brings the funny to daily updates

Posted by Community Relations staff on 3/25/2020

steve fisk

It’s not just the students who are still learning during the school closure. North Central principal Steve Fisk is taking this time to hone his social media skills.

The result: Hilarious videos filled with important updates and information for his students, like how to socially distance, ways to stay active and reminders for students to check their email for assignments.

“We’re doing what we can to get kids’ attention on sites they already use like Facebook and Instagram,” he said.

So far in his daily videos, Mr. Fisk has paid homage to Mister Rogers, Bob Ross and even Rocky Balboa

“A lot of people reached out after the Rocky video concerned for my health because I seemed so out of breath,” said Fisk. “I’d like everyone to know that was my 12th take of running the stairs and doing pushups and jumping jacks, so I was a little tired. But I appreciate the well-wishes!”

No word on whether Mr. Fisk has reached peak social media influencer status yet, but if he keeps these videos up, it’s only a matter of time.

The question is ... should we tell him about TikTok?

For more videos, go to NC’s Facebook and Instagram pages.