New mascots for NC and Garry

We are excited to announce the new mascots for North Central High School and Garry Middle School.

North Central High School Wolfpack

Earlier this year, North Central High School surveyed students, staff, and community for potential mascots and received 1,800 responses. These suggestions were narrowed by a committee of students, staff, alumni, and parents. The committee received more than 2,400 votes during the final mascot selection, and the option that resonated most with the North Central community was “The Wolfpack”. The mascot represents the school’s strong sense of family and responsibility to each other as a learning community. The Wolfpack demonstrates patience, perseverance, loyalty, strong devotion, and strong desire to work as a team.  

Garry Middle School Ravens

During the mascot selection process, Garry’s 12-person Mascot Steering Committee sought guidance from the Robert D. Bolen book, Chief Spokan Garry: The First Indian Evangelist West of the Rockies to honor the school’s connection to this important historical figure. In Bolen’s book, an ancient Spokane Shaman named Circling Raven, or Uureerachen, told of a “great religious spiritual leader with much wisdom was to come among them,” and Chief Garry fit the prophecy. Based on this, and after considering mascots submitted by the community, students chose Ravenas their new mascot. This fall, the school will also be formally referred to as “Spokane Garry Middle School” as an homage to the school’s original name when it opened in 1970. 

This is the first time ever that SPS has renamed an elementary school and has replaced a school symbol and mascot. The process was guided by SPS School Board policy and procedure 6970

At its May 12 regular meeting, the School Board approved the change of mascot for North Central High School and Garry Middle School. This followed requests by school representatives as well as the passage of the new Washington state law that bans the use of Native American names, symbols and images as school mascots, logos and team names at public schools.