Keep Your School Computer in Tip-Top Shape

As we get closer to the end of the year, the school devices have felt the wear and tear!

The following link is a great video that shows the weekly ways to keep our computers in "tip-top" shape:  click here.

The winter break time is also a great time to take your computer to our District hotspots (school parking lots list below) to access our network to also perform these updates.

Secondly, fixing broken mics, cameras, or keys:  email ITSC at  Parents please be specific about the issue in the email, including student name, student ID#, and device serial #.

Through the late nights researching natural disasters in North America, the long hours staring into the screen and home of a trusted teacher, the laughs and comments on the great things that are happening in our homes, our computers have become essential.  With hours on the device, comes the need for updates and computer fixes that may be long overdue.

Wishing you a safe and happy winter break!

Wireless internet access is now available for students and staff in the parking lots of the following schools:

  • Arlington Elementary, 6363 N Smith St
  • Bemiss Elementary, 2323 E Bridgeport Ave
  • Franklin Elementary (NE parking lot), 2627 E 17th Ave
  • Holmes Elementary, 2600 W Sharp Ave
  • NEWTech Skill Center (SW parking lot), 4141 N Regal St
  • North Central High School, 1600 N Howard
  • Rogers High School, 1622 E Wellesley Ave
  • Shadle Park High School, 4327 N Ash St
  • Sheridan Elementary, 3737 E 5th Ave