Glover Supply List

General Supplies (Needed on a daily basis in every class)

Student Laptop & Charging Cable

  • Please have students bring both their SPS laptop and charger to school each day.
  • Technology plays a critical role in the learning process and your students will be utilizing their technology daily while in school and at home

Backpack to carry your laptop/CHARGER/supplies back and forth each day and to every class

1 Water bottle with a lid (to carry to each class and minimize use of shared drinking fountain)

1 set of Headphones/Earbuds

  • Student will be provided 1 set of earbuds and additional sets of earbuds are available for purchase for $1 from the bookroom.

1  Package of #2 Pencils

1  Spiral Notebook (70-100 page, standard)


1 Three Ring Binder (1 ½ inch or larger)

2  Erasers