What does TCS stand for?

The Community School

Is TCS a public school?

Sure is! TCS is a choice school, meaning we are a full-blown public high school that anyone from Spokane Public Schools can apply to join. 

What does TCS cost?

Not a dime. See #2.

Who can apply to TCS?

Anyone eligible to attend an SPS high school can (and probably should) apply.

Where is TCS located?

Just north of downtown. 1025 W Spofford Ave, Spokane, WA 99205

What is Project Based learning?

         I’m glad you asked! Here’s a video that might help.

Project Based Learning is an approach to education that mirrors the real world. Rather than artificially isolating content into separate classes, we engage with our community to create meaningful integrated projects where students learn the 21st century skills that matter. Projects are collaborative, consequential, complicated, supported, timely, dynamic and above all, authentic.

How do I apply to TCS?

         Click here!

What kind of student does well at TCS?

There is no formula. Students of all types, skill levels and interests can thrive at TCS.

That said, if we were to generalize, we would say successful students are open-minded, self-starters, willing to own their education, ask why, be proactive, work together, and show up every day. Or at least every school day.

Can I come visit?

Certainly! Sign up to “shadow” and we will pair you with a student you can hang out with for a day. See some classes, meet some teachers and catch the vibe. 

What kinds of academic support does TCS offer?

All kinds. We meet learners where they are, and help them to grow. We prioritize learning over due dates, and real skills over “cramming for the test.” We put a premium on collaborative skills, public speaking, audience specific writing, informational text, impactful science and hard history.

For learners with special needs, we have a dedicated team that provides robust support of academic classes.

Does TCS follow the district calendar?


Do any of your teachers have their National Board Teaching Certification?

All are certificated teachers, and more than half have their National Boards. That’s the highest percentage in the district. Not that we counted… or put it on our billboard.

You call your teachers “facilitators,” what’s up with that?

For many, a “Teacher” is someone who possesses some knowledge you need. Their job is to transmit that information to a learner, who sits back and simply receives it. 

That approach might have made sense in the 1800’s, but now Google is a thing and we need to reframe. 

Our educators are called “Facilitators” because they are guides. They facilitate a process by which students navigate information, set goals, ask insightful questions and seek the answers they need to create authentic products. This is 21st Century Learning where students are in the driver’s seat of their own learning. 

What else does the school offer?

We prioritize our students becoming well rounded and dynamic citizens. That’s why our afternoons are bursting with elective classes such as Art, Drama, African Drumming, Guitar, Cosplay, Digital Media, Poetry, Creative Writing, Physical Fitness, Yoga, Cosplay, Financial Literacy and many more. Some are taught by our educators, others by community experts.

I want to go to TCS, but I want to play high school sports. Can I do that?

That’s no problem! While we don’t offer a traditional sports program, plenty of students attend here and participate in their neighborhood school’s athletic programs. We work it out.  

Transportation / How do I get there?

There is a city bus stop right out front, and we provide free bus passess to all.  Also, many students ride share with other TCS students in their neighborhood. 

This is cool, but I want to take classes at the Skill Center, too. Is that a problem?

That’s no problem! Plenty of our students take their main “integrated block” classes with us in the morning before hopping a yellow bus to the Skill Center for the afternoon.

This is cool, but I want to do Running Start, too. Is that a problem?

That’s no problem! Students who are ready for college classes will work with our counselor during their Junior and/or Senior year to register for Running Start.


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