School Board notes

June 12 meeting:

  • AGENDA: No changes.

  • MINUTES: Unanimously approved.

  • SPOKANE SCHOOLS FOUNDATION: Gerald Winkler and KC Constable reported to the board the foundation fundraising and support activities for the school year. The foundation awarded 38 grants and raised more than $35,000 that support the innovative ideas of teachers. The foundation has also announced a 10-year, $500,000 fundraising goal.

  • AWARD: The school board presented a special award to student advisory Dylan Pearson, a Ferris High School student, for his participation on the board during the 2018-19 school year.

  • EARLY BOARD REPORT: Mr. Pearson discussed his experience and learning about what goes into building and managing the school day and district operations. He also shared feedback he collected from graduating seniors about their high school experience.

  • GOOD NEWS ITEM: In 2005, Reach for the Future! began with a small group of local women who were inspired by the first "I Have a Dream Foundation" class in New York City to create something similar in Spokane. Reach for the Future! adopted the entire second grade level at Lidgerwood Elementary School where each student is guaranteed a college education or vocational training when she or he graduates from high school. Students in the program graduated from high school last week. Two shared their stories of struggles and, ultimately, success.


  • CONSENT AGENDA: Unanimously approved.

  • CHARTER SCHOOL FORUM: Jeannette Vaughn, director of program support and innovation, introduced the applicant of a proposed charter school, called Lumen High School. The presentation is the second to last step in the process. The process began in the fall with a response to a request for proposals. A 10-member evaluation team reviewed the application against criteria and interviewed the applicant. Lumen will serve grades 9-12 pregnant teens and teen parents. The school is planned to open in August 2020. The board recessed into a public forum to receive comment.

  • WHOLE CHILD FOCUS: Dr. Adam Swinyard, associate superintendent for teaching and learning, Jodi Harmon, student services director, and Becky Ramsey, special education director, presented the year-end update for the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support model and special education services. Items of note include training for crisis intervention and cultural responsiveness, streamlining how serve most vulnerable populations, updating the special education data management system, and climate and culture analysis.

  • PROGRAM AND INTERVENTION MODEL: Dr. Swinyard, Shawn Jordan, second schools director, and Gwen Harris, options programs director, provided an overview of a proposed District Program and Intervention Model for students. They discussed current and proposed programming and interventions, the exploration and development process, parent and community input, and expansion of the district's educational cooperate agreement with Excelsior Wellness Center. The board voted unanimously to approve the model and agreement.

  • POLICIES AND PROCEDURES: Dr. Linda McDermott, associate superintendent for school support services, provided an update and first reading on policies relating to freedom of expression, student interviews and interrogations, student health, and AED training. Final reading and action is scheduled for June 26.

  • PROCEDURES 3520 AND 4260: Dr. McDermott reviewed updates to the student fees and fines and use of facilities. The board voted unanimously to approve the updates.

  • POLICIES 2030, 2170, 2260, AND 2336: Dr. McDermott reviewed updates to policies and procedures governing service animals, career and technical education, charter authorizing, and required observances. The board voted unanimously to approve the updates.

  • BOARD REPORTS: Director Brian Newberry attended the Diversity Advisory Committee. Director Mike Wiser discussed walkability/mobility movement and its relationship to the school system. Director Jerrall Haynes attended 13 graduations.

  • SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT: Dr. Shelley Redinger reported that we attending the Summer Youth Pass launch event at the Shadle public library.