Assessing Safety & Security

Safe Havens International has delivered its final School Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Assessment Report. The report summarizes key findings with options for consideration for improvements in the areas of school climate, culture, safety, security, and emergency preparedness.

There has been considerable community participation in the assessment process and interest in the completed report. The 156-page report can be viewed here. Parts of the report have been redacted per applicable Washington state public disclosure law and has been released with the following statement:

“The Washington Legislature has directed by statute that school districts like Spokane Public Schools generate and adopt a comprehensive Safe Schools Plan. However, the Legislature was concerned that when school districts engage in comprehensive and detailed safety planning to generate those plans, they could end up creating or receiving records that – if disclosed to the public – might counterproductively create new or enhanced risks of harm to students, school staff members, and others, and/or to district property, by identifying current vulnerabilities that afflict the school district as a whole, and/or its individuals schools, which could then be exploited by a terrorist or other person or group seeking to conduct an attack designed to inflict maximum deaths, casualties, and/or property damage/destruction.

To address this concern, the legislature enacted RCW 42.56.420. In part, that statute provides that when a school district is requested to publicly disclose any record that it generated or received in the course of its safety planning, the disclosure shall not occur in a manner that “identifies specific vulnerabilities of [the] school district [or] its individual schools.” Thus, in the copy of the report that is now being provided to you, content that exists in the Report that identifies specific safety vulnerabilities of Spokane Public Schools, or any of our individual schools has been excised, or “redacted,” so that you cannot read that content. The redaction of that content is indicated, on each occasion where it was applied to the copy of the Report that you are now being provided, by a blue electronic redaction box with all or part of the phrase, “RCW 42.56.420/Safe Schools Planning -- Content Redacted Here, If Disclosed, Would Identify Specific Safety Vulnerabilities” overwritten on the box in white typeface, to preclude your ability to read that content.”