Thank you, community!

An estimated 2,000 middle and high school students in Spokane do not know if they will have enough to eat on weekends during the school year. Second Harvest and At The Core partner with schools and community organizations to get weekend food supplies to hungry teens through Bite2Go XL.

Because Bite2Go proved successful and necessary at the elementary level, the program expanded in 2016 to serve middle and high school students. The Bite2Go XL food kits feature larger portions to accommodate higher caloric needs of older youth. Students choose from a menu of a variety of non-perishable items that they can prepare with basic cooking skills—with or without access to a full kitchen. Bite2Go XL sets itself apart from other middle and high school hunger-relief programs based on the core values of dignity, respect, anonymity and choice.

Thank you to the local organizations that help support Spokane students, and SPS students in particular:

  • Eagle Peak Middle & High School: Seven2 & 14Four
  • Ferris High School: Movement Mortgage & Revival Tea
  • Glover Middle School: Empire Health Foundation
  • Lewis & Clark High School: Clifton Larson Allen & Clempson Family
  • NEWTECH Skill Center & On Track Academy: OAC
  • North Central High School: Morris-Wolff-Turiaf
  • Rogers High School: Sonderen Packaging
  • Sacajawea Middle School: Children’s Place Dentistry & Lukins Annis
  • Salk Middle School: NW Farmers Stockman
  • Shadle Park High School: Douglass Properties