Student Distribution

Hello Mullan Road Families,

On June 15th, we will distribute all students’ things from 12:00-3:00. The following plan has been developed to return all students’ materials in a way that is both safe and maximizes the wonderful community support we have.

  1. We are partnering with local community locations to set up distribution of all students’ things. These six locations are close to the school and hopefully near your home.
  2. Your classroom teacher will contact you with your family number. If you have not received your number by June 5th, call 509-426-3325, leave a message with your last name and best contact information and you will be sent a text or call with your family number.
  3. You are encouraged to write your number on a piece of paper and place on your passenger-side dash when picking up materials. This excludes the 55th site which will be a walking site.
  4. We will have a system set up with runners and a communications team at each site. Please remain in cars and drive through following the direction of those helping with traffic.
  5. On June 15th, Mullan Road will be command central, our team will answer all phone calls at 509-354-3800. The office phone line will be open from 11:00-4:00. The office staff will help direct people with site locations and provide families their numbers if they are unsure of them.
  6. Reference the locations below and the family numbers that will be linked to the site. If your number has the letter “A” in front of the number, you will pick your things up at Mullan Road. This indicates that a family member has a medication that needs to be signed out to you by our nurse.

*Yearbooks will be placed in the bags of students who ordered them
*To ensure safety and keep traffic moving, the only item that we will be able to take from you are library books. All other items can stay with you through the summer.

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