LC February Conferences 2020: No Appointments Necessary, we hope to see you!
Dates & Times:
  • Tuesday, February 11: Periods 1-2-3, students leave at 12:30, Conferences 1:00-3:00
  • Wednesday, February 12: Periods 4-5-6, students leave at 12:30, Conferences 1:00-3:00
  • Thursday, February 13: Periods 1-2-3, students leave at 12:30, Conferences 1:00-3:00 + 3:00-7:00
  • Friday, February 14: Periods 4-5-6, students leave at 12:30, Conferences

*Students will eat lunch at school before leaving at 12:30

Can my student come with me?
Yes, we’d encourage your student(s) to come with you, stay with you, and participate in conversations with teachers with you.
Parking, Conference Classrooms, Transcripts, & Course Selections:
There’s free parking under the freeway. When you come through the front doors, you’ll see a table in the front hallway. At this table we’ll give you your student’s current schedule with Conference Classrooms listed where you can find teachers. These may be different rooms than PowerSchool so please refer to this schedule. You’ll also pick up your student’s transcript and course selections for next year (except for Senior students).
Drop-In Format:
We have a drop-in format to maximize flexibility and opportunity for you to meet with any of your student’s teachers in their Conference Classroom during the times above. If there is already a family meeting with a teacher, feel free to sign up for a time slot on or near the teacher’s door. You may visit another teacher while you wait for the first one. It would be helpful to keep your conversations with teachers to 10 minutes so teachers can meet with as many families as possible. Feel free to contact teachers to set up follow-up conversations. Our Career Center will be open, and counselors will be available for any post-high school planning conversations.
We look forward to seeing you!!
If you have any questions about conferences, feel free to contact Sarah Pooler, PA, at or 354-7023