9th-11th Grade Checkout Schedule

In order to facilitate textbook return, locker clean-out, yearbook pick up, fine payments, and school checkout, students will be given a specific time frame to come to LC to complete all of the tasks. Students should be able to move through the process in no more than 10 minutes.
We will be employing social distancing practices to keep all students and staff safe, so we ask that students wear a face mask while in the building. We are limiting the number of people allowed in the building at any one time, so if possible, please do not come as groups or bring siblings who do not attend LC.
If you or a parent has been ill in the last 10 days, please do not come to school, but please contact us to make alternate arrangements at 354-6888. We will work on a plan to return items to students that aren't able to come to LC.
9th, 10th, & 11th GRADES: Click HERE for detailed times for student checkout. Please do your best to come during your scheduled time.
  • Monday, June 8 - last names A-B
  • Tuesday, June 9 - last names C-D
  • Wednesday, June 10 - last names E-G
  • Thursday, June 11 - last names H-J
  • Friday, June 12 - last names K-L
  • Monday, June 15 - last names M-N
  • Tuesday, June 16 - last names O-R
  • Wednesday, June 17 - last name S
  • Thursday, June 18 - last names T-W
  • Friday, June 19 - last names X-Z