AP Exam Ordering

AP Test Registration Window Is Open October 5 - October 31
Students enrolled in AP classes have the option of taking AP Exams in May. These are optional exams, but students in the classes are highly encouraged to take the exams to earn college credit and/or college course placement.
Each AP Exam this year costs $95.00 (except AP Capstone is $143). The College Board has set the dates for registration with the window closing on October 31.
At this time, College Board is planning on having in-person exams in May, but that might change as we get closer to the date due to changes with COVID. Last year, College Board created an online system for exams, so if we need to test online, the system exists and College Board will have ample time to get it up and running ahead of testing with fewer glitches than last spring. If the exams are in-person and we are still under COVID restrictions, we will make whatever adjustments are necessary for testing safety. We will provide updates throughout the year as the dates near.
Required Steps: The registration and payment process ends October 31. For students choosing to take the exams, they must commit to their exams in their College Board account AND complete the online registration process for payment at LC. Payments can be made to the Business Office or online through our District payment system. Starting next week, AP students will see this presentation in AP classes.
STEP 1: Students must create a College Board account AND enter the join code (provided by each teacher) to add the class to their account - about 60% of our AP students have done this - this is required even if the student is not taking the exam connected to their AP class. Then, choose to order the exam in each class you want to take. Once in your account, look for the yellow box called "Register for Exam" in each class. Click that button and it will add your test.
If they are signing up for an exam and are not in an LC AP class, contact Theresa Meyer to get the special join code (this is for SVL and self-study students). This required step lets College Board know you are taking AP Exams.
STEP 2: Parents will need to fill out the online AP Registration Form - this form lets LC know you are taking AP Exams. You MUST do both steps in order to ensure that tests are ordered for you!
If your student qualifies for Free/Reduced lunch, the State of Washington will pay 100% of testing fees. We have a small budget set aside to help offset costs for families that do not qualify for Free/Reduced lunch but may still need a little help.
LC must submit our AP order by early November, so payments will need to be made prior to the order. If your family has extenuating circumstances preventing you from paying by the deadline, we will work together to find a solution that ensures your child can take the exams.
If a student registers after the October 31 deadline, a $40 late fee will be assessed. This late fee is set by College Board and is not negotiable.
This year, there are NO fees for students who decide to not take the exams in May after ordering by the October 31 deadline. LC will issue full refunds for any student that does not test in May.