School Bus Info

Bus Information


Students who live outside of the Washington State established walk boundary of one mile, who qualify for transportation services, will need to register to ride the bus. For the first few days back, any student can ride the bus, but you will to register to continue riding.

Students should complete the health check before they board, must wear a face mask at all times while riding, and while waiting at bus stops. Due to COVID, buses are operated at 40-60% capacity, windows and vents will be opened partially to increase air flow. Students should wear a coat to school, especially during extreme weather. Students must wear masks at all times.

Find pick-up and drop-off times, stop locations, and bus route numbers here for middle and high schools (For LC AM pick up locations, scroll through the PDF document until you find the stop closest to your home).

Any updates to busing information will be communicated directly to registered bus riders. Questions? Contact the SPS Transportation department at 354-7388 or 354-7362.