Winter Weather

The dip in temperatures and recent taste of wintery weather makes it time to reacquaint you with our preparation and planning for the elements. Spokane Public Schools officially kicked off our Snow Watch Program last month, which means overnight monitoring of weather and road conditions.

What you can expect

    On days of extreme weather, including significant snow and ice and severe cold, SPS and Durham, our bus service partner, review the conditions at 4:30 am.
    The superintendent will make the determination by 5:30 am to close school, delay the opening, or operate normally.
    Communication will begin to the local media immediately upon a decision to interrupt normal school day operations with a delay or closure.
    Communication directly to families will begin at 6 am when a decision is made to interrupt normal school day operations.

What’s new

    Durham has purchased new high-performance chains for its entire bus fleet.
    Buses will be deployed early on heavy weather days and extra buses will be staged in hill areas should they be needed.
    A fourth camera with video and audio capability has been added to buses.

Parent resources

    Bus location can be tracked in real-time using the Bus Tracker app on your phone.
    The ZPass student bus card logs entry and exit on the bus and sends notifications to your computer or cell phone via text message.