SAT Test March 4

School Day SAT for Juniors
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Wednesday, March 4, is the School Day SAT for all 11th graders.

What to expect if you are in 11th grade for the School day SAT:

  • Your advisory teacher will tell you your room number on Monday
  • Your seat is assigned, not chosen by you.
  • A calculator will be provided for your use.
  • During scheduled breaks, snack are allowed – so pack yourself some healthy snacks.
  • The test contains FIVE sections: Reading, Writing & Language, two math sections, and an essay.
  • Testing lasts from 7:30 check in to 1:00 dismissal.
  • You will have a lunch from 1:00 – 1:30 in the commons.


What to expect if you are not in 11th grade for the School day SAT:

  • The lockers above the skylight area will not be accessible from 7:30 – 1:00, so please plan ahead
  • The classes above the skylight will be relocated during the SAT. Please ask your teachers where you will be meeting.