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If you are an administrator, teacher, or college education student interested in visiting On Track Academy to experience firsthand what teaching and learning looks like at our school, e-mail to request a visit. Visits are available 8:30-10 or 12-1:30 on Thursdays. When e-mailing please:  

  1. specify the date and time you’re requesting.
  2. specify if you’d like to spend more time in one specific branch or briefly visit several. 

A brief introduction to our branches:  


Summit Public Schools is a leading network of public schools that equips all students to lead a fulfilled life. With a focus in four key areas: cognitive skills, content knowledge, habits of success, and sense of purpose, students spend the majority of their time working alongside teachers and classmates on rich projects. Mentors meet weekly with students to ensure daily actions and progress align with long-term goals.  


Project Based Learning is widely known as a student-centered teaching practice that engages students in active exploration of real-world problems. Students collaborate with their peers, their instructors, and the community at large to come up with innovative solutions to the driving question that is posed with each project. Ownership for learning is put back in the hands of students with guidance from teachers and support from community partners. 


The learning “family” at On Track Academy stands out as a uniquely personalized approach that offers a tailored plan for each student who chooses to complete their high school diploma in our school. By embedding College and Career Readiness into the classroom, students are connected to college entrance testing, FAFSA, and college application support, as well as career exploration, job shadows, and internships. Every student has a dedicated adviser who knows them personally. 


Utilizing a blend of high school and college, led by an SFCC instructor and On Track teacher, SOTAP students participate in credit bearing college course and receive rigorous instruction in a supportive environment. Students jumpstart their college education, while working at their own pace, and taking positive steps toward future goals.

Educators: To schedule a visit e-mail us.

From Medical Lake Endeavor: 

"Thank you so much for taking the time last week to allow us to observe and work with the Summit team at your school. We were able to see the structure and classroom management of Summit in action and work individually with your teachers to gain insight on customization and differentiation within the Summit platform. I really appreciate all the insight and tips!"

Medical Lake visit