What is Summit Learning?

  • Summit Learning is a community of schools and teachers

    Through the Summit Learning Program, more than 330 schools across the country are bringing this model to more than 54,000 students. The Program is free for any middle or high school and includes the Summit Learning Platform, teacher-developed curriculum and assessments, in-person professional development and training, and ongoing support and mentorship. 

    Who we are  

    Summit Public Schools is a leading network of public schools that equips all students to lead a fulfilled life. It operates 11 schools in California and Washington and shares its personalized approach to teaching and learning - Summit Learning - with more than 380 schools across the country for free. Summit Learning forms the foundation on which Summit's successful schools were built, with its schools consistently ranking among the best in the nation. Historically, 99 percent of its graduates are accepted into at least one four-year college and complete college at double the national average.  learn more about Summit

    Summit Learning Handout

    If you think our all-day Summit Learning Program is a good fit for you/your 10th grader, contact Principal Lisa Mattson Coleman at 509-354-4829 today!