What’s in a pumpkin?

Posted by Communications staff on 11/2/2020

That’s exactly what kindergartners at Wilson Elementary found out last week.

As a fun, fall-themed activity, Janae Passinetti had her class of kinders transform into pumpkin investigators.

Kindergarner with mask on smiling at the camera as she digs out the inside of a pumpkin On Thursday, the students learned and labeled all the different parts of a pumpkin, from the stem to the seeds to the fibrous strands, to everything else in between.

On Friday, the students brought their own pumpkins in to class and prepared for dissection. With help from Miss Passinetti, the kids cut open their pumpkins. And just like real scientists, the students observed, touched and smelled all the parts of a pumpkin they learned the day before.

“There were seeds everywhere,” said Miss Passinetti, “but they had a blast.”

Six kindergartners at their desks in the classroom carving pumpkins Kindergartner with mask on digging out inside of pumpkin as his desk