• RSVP for an Info Night

    12/18/2020 - Come meet our students and hear about project based learning! This empowering approach to school connects learning to the real world through collaborative projects in and around Spokane. It's challenging and fun to learn through PBL!

  • STA Bus Information

    9/2/2022 - This page outlines the various groups eligible for STA access, includes a how-to video, and features FAQs that parents and students might have.

    Families and students can also submit questions to the district's Let's Talk portal.

  • Project Based Learning EXPLAINED

    4/28/2021 - The Community School in Spokane is Project Based. But what's that mean? Here, we attempt to answer that question by running you through a recent project.

  • FAQ

    12/1/2021 - You've got questions, we've got answers...

  • Why I Chose TCS

    4/17/2019 - Students share why they chose The Community School and explain what sets it apart from the traditional high school.

  • "Invictus" Video Project

    6/3/2019 - The final product of “Invictus,” a project from TCS that explores answers to the question, “How should we deal with adverse fate?”

  • Net Zero Project Video

    5/11/2020 - The Community School partnered with Avista for a project called Net Zero. Avista sent along a camera person with us for a portion of the experience. Please watch the attached video that they created.