Naming our new schools

  • Thanks to the community’s support of the 2018 bond, Spokane Public Schools is building three new middle schools (located on the northeast, northwest and south sides of SPS), and a new facility for On Track Academy. This is the first time in SPS history that four schools will be named at the same time!

    We received hundreds of suggestions for naming these new buildings during the online solicitation period.

    Naming a New School or Mascot

    The naming of new schools is guided by School Board policy and procedure 6970.

    • Suggestions from the community were collected via online submissions through February 2021. 
    • A screening committee will review the submissions and choose three names as finalists for each school by the end of April 2021. The best candidates will be names that represent one or more of the following:
      • A logical association with the new school, such as location or function
      • A significant individual or event
      • A prominent local geographic feature
    • The School Board will make the final name selections.
    • Each new school community will be asked to help select their school's mascot during the school year. New school mascots should:
      • Represent the spirit of the school, identify with the characteristic of the school community, encourage pride and energy, and represent courage and integrity.
      • Avoid representation of or association with weapons or stereotyping various cultures.
      • Use a professional graphic artist in the design.

      After student, staff and community input, a mascot for a new school will be recommended to the Board of Directors for approval.

    ⇒ Our history book, SPS: The First 100 Years, has information about the names of all SPS schools, current and past.


    Renaming a School or Mascot

    1. Individual or group submits a request to the School Board of Directors and the Superintendent.
    2. The School Board and Superintendent will review and will determine if it will be placed on the school board agenda.
    3. If placed on board agenda, the individual or groups requesting the change will be asked to present the request.
    4. After discussion, the school board will decide to consider renaming of a school or different school mascot, then will schedule a public hearing.
    5. After the public hearing, the school board will make the decision to rename the school or change the mascot.



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