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Project Based Learning EXPLAINED

The Community School in Spokane is Project Based. But what's that mean? Here, we attempt to answer that question by running you through a recent project.


Project Based Learning

An empowering approach to school that connects learning to the real world through collaborative projects in and around Spokane.


Why I Chose TCS

Students share why they chose The Community School and explain what sets it apart from the traditional high school.


You Can't Take It With You-A TCS Film

In the wake of the Covid-19 Virus, the students and staff of The Community School in Spokane, WA had to rethink the way we tell stories.

This Pulitzer Prize winning play turned Feature-Length Film was created within the school’s multi-purpose room, which serves as our cafeteria, gym, stage, and now sound stage!


"Invictus" Video Project

The final product of “Invictus,” a project from TCS that explores answers to the question, “How should we deal with adverse fate?”


Net Zero Project Video

The Community School partnered with Avista for a project called Net Zero. Avista sent along a camera person with us for a portion of the experience. Please watch the attached video that they created.