Substitute FAQ

What is the daily rate for certificated substitutes?

Certificated substitutes are paid for a half day of 3.75 or a full day of 7.5 hours. A half day is $58.31, and a full day is $116.62.


What is the daily rate for Educational Support (classified) substitutes?

Educational Support substitutes are paid at the entry level rate of the job for which they are subbing. These rates vary.  Current salary schedules are located at the link below.  Educational Support substitutes are paid hourly with job hours varying from a minimum of three hours to a maximum of eight hours. Certificated substitutes may accept Educational Support assignments with the understanding that they will be paid at the Educational Support rate.


Are benefits available for substitutes?

Substitutes are not benefit-eligible positions.


Payroll Dates

Payroll Dates


What is a “long-term” substitute?

Certificated substitutes serving in the same teaching assignment for more than twenty consecutive teaching days become “long-term” substitutes. At this time, their salary rate is increased to that which the substitute would receive as a contracted teacher. The salary adjustment is retroactive to the first day of the long term assignment. Long term substitutes are selected by the principal and with approval from Human Resources.


What is a “Supplemental Position”?

A Supplementary assignment is simply a job that is not associated with a specific district employee. Among other things, a supplementary assignment may mean that you will be at a school as extra help; it may mean that you will be in several different classrooms as a rotating sub, or it may mean that you are substituting for a vacant position. Certificated supplementary positions are paid at the regular certificated rate and classified supplementary positions are paid at the rate appropriate to the job classification.


Can I substitute for other districts or will I be removed from your list if I am not exclusively available to you?

Please do work for as many other school districts as you like; however it is important to maintain your SubFinder calendar so that you are not called when you are working elsewhere. Throughout the school year we monitor substitutes’ work records for our district. If you have worked less than two days per month in our district it is possible that you will be non-assured of a position on the substitute list for the following school year unless you can increase your availability.

We have an expectation that the minimum number of days of work per school year is 20 if you wish to remain on the sub list for the subsequent school year. This averages two days a month during the ten month school year.


What if I misplace my ID badge?

A $5.00 replacement fee will be charged if your photo ID is lost, stolen, damaged, or if you have a name change.