Title IX @ North Central

Please enjoy this previously released story. Lorri Slauson is a retired Chase teacher who still subs for us from time to time.

A TEAM FOR LIFE: Title IX changed the game for female athletes when it took effect in 1972.

Throughout the 1970s, North Central High School coaches, school leaders, and students embraced the opportunity to expand athletic offerings for girls beyond tennis, gymnastics, and volleyball to include cross country, basketball, golf, track, and softball.

“At North Central, we were just so fortunate. We were accepted with open arms, and I know that wasn’t the case at every school,” said Lorri Slauson, class of 1978.

They faced challenges, but persevered and paved the way for all SPS students to have the opportunity to compete and win.

At this year’s 45-year reunion for the NC Class of 1978, 15 women finally received their varsity letter and pins. Watch their story and celebrate this long overdue achievement!

Special thanks to Lorri, who retired last year after 34 years as an SPS teacher, coach, and athletic director, for organizing the presentation, and current NC Athletic Director Shelly Radtke for supplying the letters and pins. #SPSPromise #BuiltOnLove

Celebrating Title IX: The North Central Class of 1978 women athletes finally get their letters - YouTube