Flier Distribution Guidelines

  • Spokane Public Schools uses a flier distribution service called Peachjar that sends approved fliers about events and activities from school and community organizations directly to parent emails.

    Submitting eFliers from Community Organizations

    Spokane Public Schools DOES NOT accept paper fliers or posters for distribution at its schools. Community non-profit organizations may submit fliers using the Peachjar system for district approval. If there is no charge for the event or activity being offered, efliers may be posted for free.

    Community members who are interested in distributing information to our schools using Peachjar should first check School Board Policy and Procedure 4060, which outline the non-school information distribution process in detail.

    Posting Requirements

    In order to be considered for posting, the flier must:

    • Have social, recreational and/or educational value to students
    • Be sponsored by a verifiable nonprofit organization in Spokane county
    • Be screened for the appropriateness of its content
    • Prominently display contact information and other important information, such as date, time, location, details, sponsoring organization and registration link
    • Be consistent with the district’s goals and policies
    • Contain the statement: "This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by Spokane Public Schools." This statement will automatically be applied through the flier system so there is no need to alter your document.

    All materials and activities must be consistent with Spokane Public Schools policies and federal and state law. Materials or promotions are prohibited by the district if they:

    • Promote commercial enterprises
    • Promote fundraising for an outside organization. This does not apply to Spokane Public Schools PTOs, booster groups and district partnerships
    • Proselytize or disparage any religion or religious beliefs
    • Advocate or promote the violation of existing laws, regulations or ordinances, or official school policy, rules or regulations
    • Contain language that is intimidating, demeaning, harassing or threatening on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital or veteran status, including, but not limited to, racial, sexual or ethnic slurs
    • Are libelous
    • Promote or oppose any political candidate or ballot proposition
    • Are obscene, lewd or vulgar
    • Inhibit the functioning of any school or district program

    Flier Approval

    Community Organizations:

    To request flier approval, visit the PeachJar site to get started. Once approved, your flier will be emailed to parents and posted on the school websites.

    • If you are not charging for your event or activity and want to request a "Community Free Flier" account, email support@peachjar.com. Wait for your approval. Peachjar does charge a fee to send fliers if the organization charges a fee for the event or activity.

    Your flier will be automatically submitted to the district office for approval. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the standards below. 

    Information that a principal has authority to approve:

    • Posters to be hung in school
    • Fliers/information to be left on counter in public office
    • Fliers/information to be left in teachers’ lunchroom

    Frequently Asked Questions for Program Providers

    Parent Groups:

    Parent groups such as PTOs and booster groups may set up their own accounts in Peachjar and may post free of charge. 

    Follow these steps:

    1. Visit the PeachJar site to get started.
    2. Email support@peachjar.com and let them know that your account needs to be switched to a free account. Wait for your approval.
    3. Upload your flier for approval. All fliers are approved by SPS Communications.
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