2018 Bond Program

  • Voters approved the $495.3 million bond in November 2018, and with $57.9 million in state matching funds, Spokane Public Schools has a total of $553.2 million for the proposed projects.

    The $495.3 million SPS bond includes:

    • Building three new middle schools, on city-owned property 
    • Replacing three existing middle schools (Glover, Shaw, Sacajawea)
    • Creating additional space for option programs at Libby Center and On Track Academy
    • Upgrading safety and technology districtwide
    • Adding a commons area at Lewis & Clark High School
    • Replacing the aging Joe Albi stadium with a smaller multi-use stadium

    The SPS bond directly supports the district’s strategic objectives of providing a safe, productive learning and working environment for students and staff, and improving operational efficiency.