Wilson Elementary Classroom Addition & Gym Replacement

  • The Wilson Elementary School Classroom Addition is just one of many projects that Spokane voters approved by passing the 2015 School Bond. The $205 million district-wide plan includes renovations or replacements of four elementary schools; saftey/security and technolgy updates for the entire school district; and building, field or playground improvments for all schools. For information regarding these or any other construction projects, please contact our Capital Projects and Planning office at 509.354.5775.

wilson elementary
  • Location:  Wilson Elementary School is located at 911 West 25th Ave.

    Scope of Project:  21,896 square feet. Includes: 6 general ed classrooms, music room, art/community room, offices & conference space, gym, scratch kitchen, stage and playground upgrade.

    Total Project Estimated Budget:  $9.9 million

    Architectural Firm:  Integrus Architecture of Spokane

    GC/CM:  GARCO Construction

blueprint of new construction