How do I make sure my student has access to the technology they need?

A laptop computer will be checked out to every SPS student for use during the school year. Parents need to provide approval via a Laptop Checkout form and pick up the device from your home school building.

Wireless internet access is available for students and staff in the parking lots of several schools. Limited amounts of hotspots will be available for checkout.

My student is having an issue with their Teams classroom link. What should I do?

Please contact your student's SV Academy teacher.  All teachers have Office Hours posted and contact phone numbers listed in their courses. Please call anytime you have a question or need support!

I missed the deadline to enroll my student in the SV Academy. Am I still able to enroll them?

At this time we are registering students based on availability in our virtual classes. If you would like to be added to the list, email sva@spokaneschools.org and include the following information: your name, student's name, grade level, student's school, your phone number and any additional information you would like noted.

What is the SV Academy?

Please see our website for details and program information. 


Will my student lose their spot at their school if they enroll in the SV Academy?

The SV Academy is a program, not a school. While your student will not be attend their school building in person, they will still be enrolled there in PowerSchool with the ability to return in the Fall of 2021. Think of it as the virtual classroom down the hall.


What is the difference between the SV Academy and Real Time Distance Learning?

Students enrolled in the SV Academy are enrolled in virtual learning for the entire 2020-2021 school year. Students enrolled in the Real Time Distance Learning will participate in virtual classes until they are able to return to in-person classes.


I mistakenly enrolled/changed my mind and no longer want my student enrolled in the SV Academy. How do I get them off the list?

Email Ashleybr@spokaneschools.org and include the following information: your name, student's name, grade level, student's school, your phone number and any additional information you would like noted. Make sure to state you would like your student removed from the list.

My student was previously enrolled in the SVL program. Do I need to register them for the 2020-21 school year?

Please contact your Support Specialist to confirm that your student has completed all steps of the enrollment process.  You can find our list of Specialists and the Case Loads here.  


My student has and IEP/504. Will this be served in the SV Academy?

Yes. The SV Academy will have Special Education teachers and work collaboratively with the virtual teachers and case managers to support all learners in the virtual environment.


I'm unable to checkout a laptop for my student because the system says my email is incorrect or can't be found in the system. What do I do now?

Please try selecting "Unsure" when asked if you know your email address. If you still have difficulties, please contact your original school office, as they will be assisting you with the checkout of a laptop.


Where do I find a list of school supplies I need to get?

School supplies and laptops will be picked up from your original school. The week before school starts, the SV Academy office will notify your original school, which will work with you on arrangements for safe pick up of these items.

  • Every student is encouraged to check out a district laptop. Parents need to provide approval via a Laptop Checkout form.
  • K-3 students will be able to pick up school supplies from their original school. This will include crayons, scissors, pencils, spiral notbooks and more.
  • Some elementary students will also be picking up consumable workbooks.


How do I find out who my student's teacher is?

We are currently enrolling students and assigning teachers.  Your teacher will be in contact regarding conferences the week of Sept. 8 to answer questions and ensure a smooth start for each family.


Will my elementary student be in a class with a teacher and students from their home school?

While we will make every effort to combine elementary students from the same school, class size and teacher placement may not allow for this in all cases. We will enroll students based on their timely response to the registration survey sent on Aug. 21.


What if we change our mind about the SV Academy or Real-Time Learning Option?  Can we change our mind once the school year has begun?

While we will make every effort to accommodate changes in schedules and program selection, enrollment in a program or class is based on availability and space in the class(es) needed.


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