2003 Bond Program

  • Voter approval of this $145 million bond, an additional approximately $25 million more from state matching funds and savings from the 2009 Bond gave Spokane Public Schools a total just shy of $205 million for the proposed projects. 

  • Project Overview

    Modernizes or replaces the district’s oldest and least efficient buildings

    • Salk Middle School Replacement
    • North Central High School Commons/Cafeteria
    • Franklin Elementary Renovation and Addition
    • Linwood Elementary Replacement
    • Wilson Elementary Classroom Addition / Renovation Lewis & Clark High School Classroom Addition
    • Shaw Middle School Gymnasium Replacement / Campus Master Plan
    • Adams Elementary HVAC / Facility Upgrade

    Safety and security improvements

    • Secure/single point of entry at all schools
    • Additional security cameras
    • Increase secure door card access points
    • Additional security measures
    • Fire alarm upgrades

    Technology replacement

    • Upgrade student & staff computers
    • Classroom digital projectors additions
    • Network performance upgrades

    Smaller building improvement projects districtwide

    • Classroom remodels and upgrades of other spaces
    • Playground equipment & surfacing material
    • Safety upgrades at Joe Albi Stadium
    • Roofing replacements
    • Lighting upgrades
    • Painting of entire schools
  • Contact

    Capital Projects Office