More Than a Name

  • Pauline Flett was a Spokane Tribal elder credited with saving the Spokane Salish language.  Pauline's family members and friends exchange stories of her undying passion for sharing the Salish language, exemplified by her copious notebooks containing information regarding the Spokane Salish Language, some of which are on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Flett is acknowledged as the co-creator of the first Spokane-English dictionary after working with Eastern Washington University linguist Barry Carlson.

    Pauline Flett’s passion for her culture, community, and the next generation of Spokane Salish speakers is a key inspiration for the middle school named in her honor.  At Flett Middle School, we strive to build a community of learners who will make a difference in the lives of their peers for generations to come.  We celebrate her spirit in our school with small communities where all voices are heard, and all cultures are celebrated.  We honor her legacy with the Salish language throughout the school as further evidence of her impact on saving the Spokane Salish language.

    Due to Pauline's work, language revitalization was made possible. Northwest Profiles: Saving Salish - Language Revitalization

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Image of Pauline Flett from The Spokesman-Review photo archive