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    Next Book Fair - November, 2024


    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    • How long can books be checked out? 
      • Books are available to checkout for 2 weeks. If a book hasnt been returned after the 3rd week, the computer will mark it lost and assign a fine to the student's account. As soon as the book is returned, the fine is deleted.
    • My student has a fine, how do we get rid of the fine?
      • Fines are automatically removed when a book is returned at any time. If the book is lost you can either return an new copy of the book to the Librarian, or pay the fine at the school office. 
    • My students said they returned their books. How did they get a fine? 
      • There are a couple of reasons why a book isn't marked as returned.
        • Sometimes students place their books back on the shelf where they found it without the computer marking it as returned.
        • Sometimes books are borrowed by friends without checking them out again to another student.
        • Also, mistakes do happen and sometimes a book isn't scanned back into the computer.
      • For any of these reasons, just have your student sort it out during library class. Most of the time, the books are on the shelf where they belong. At the end of the school year, every book is scanned to catch any of these issues. 
    • What grade levels can bring books home? 
      • To support our students in learning responsibility, we allow 3rd through 5th grade students to take books home. All other grade levels are encouraged to keep books in their classrooms. 
    • If my student is in K-2, how can they have a fine if a book is in their classroom? 
      • Computer fines are automatically generated based on the date the book was checked out. If a student was absent during library class, the comptuer will mark that book as lost until it is returned. Please dis-regard the fine email if that is the case.