When School Buildings are Closed: Real-Time Distance Learning

  • If we are unable to open schools this fall, we are ready with a plan for all K-12 students to start the year learning from home. Our improved distance learning plan includes:

    back to school 2020

    • Real-time school day with teacher(s)
    • Identified school start and dismissal time
    • Specific times scheduled for each period/subject
    • Blend of live instruction, group work, and independent activities
    • Specialist & elective experiences included
    • Set times for intervention support and contacting teachers
    • Use of Microsoft Teams as the district-wide digital platform
    • Laptop check-out for all students
    • Limited in person instruction provided for small groups of students

    Year-long full distance learning options are available for families interested in a virtual experience for their students for the whole school year.  

    We will make every effort to support all our students and families as we work together to have a safe and successful school year. We are eager to return to in-person learning in classrooms when health officials tell us it is safe to do so. We are prepared for smooth transitions between at-home and in-person learning.

Sample Elementary Student Day Schedule*

  • *Teachers will provide breaks and transitions from block to block, as well as brain breaks during class periods.

    Real Time Instructional Blocks will include teacher-led instruction on literacy, math, social studies, science, PE, music, art, and technology.

Sample Secondary Student Day Schedule*

  • *Teachers will provide breaks and transitions from block to block, as well as brain breaks during class periods.

  • Special Education 

    SPS will provide a continuum of special ed services to meet the individual needs of students and families, prioritizing in-person services when it is safe to do so. SPS will partner with families at the beginning of the year to determine what services are needed to address the impact of COVID on each student’s academic and social/emotional wellbeing. Services may need to be adjusted from current IEPs depending on the educational model we are using. Any adjustments will be made in partnership with families.


    Technology Support & Access

    • A laptop computer will be checked out to every SPS student for use during the school year while at school. Parents may provide approval via Laptop Checkout form for students to take devices home.
    • Wireless internet access is available for students and staff in the parking lots of several schools. Limited amounts of hotspots will be available for checkout.
    • Staff professional development will be available with a focus on blended learning and Microsoft Teams, our tool for learning management including virtual class meetings, communication and announcements, curriculum content management, and assignments.
    • Resources will be available for students and parents to learn more about applications such as Clever and Microsoft Teams on our Learning at Home page.
    • Family Support Resources will be available with videos, guides and scheduled drop-in live sessions.